Para o corpo curar a mente precisa de superar os obstáculos que encontrar

Post COVID-19 recovery

Now that the first part of the Corona pandemic is almost over, doctors may start to look at what happens to the people who recovered from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection… perhaps take into consideration their different current symptoms or pay some attention to the fact that they continue to struggle in becoming their own healthy selves again even though “on paper” they were found “healthy”.

What does it mean?

It means that if you have been infected with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and have finally recovered from it, but now want to simply leave this experience behind you, thinking you’re just lucky to be alive, you can’t because you still find yourself struggling to return to your usual routine.

You are STRUGGLING, because the doctors tell you that you are cured and give you two weeks at home to recover, but you discover it is not enough. You are still very tired, your spirits are very low and part of the symptoms that you had while being ill seem to be coming and going still. NO, not at the same magnitude as when you were effectively suffering from the virus, but still you continue to experience those same symptoms or even new ones.

You start to think that you are crazy since the doctors declared you a healthy person, but you yourself don’t feel like a healthy person at all, you actually feel sick, some days more than others… There are days when you don’t have the energy to cook for yourself as you did before...but you still have to return to your job because everyone “expects you to do so”… because, hey, the doctors said you are healthy again. You also get no support from your surroundings, since they expect you to just get over it, after all this time they’ve spent worrying about you…

What happens?

And now for the good part- doctors, when you keep coming back to them frequently with all of your symptoms, start to recommend you’d take medications like anti-depressants or offer you’d take some medicines for anxiety, because they think that what you’re experiencing now is simply the aftermath anxiety or shock from being diagnosed with the big CORONA. You, on the other hand, just want to feel better like you feel and felt after getting over the flu or a pneumonia. That is all you want...surely not to become, instead, a mental patient.

Don’t they know?

We have to take into consideration the fact that this is the first appearance of the COVID-19, therefore, doctors and epidemiologists all over the world are still learning about it as they go, without any prior knowledge, they are trying to find as much information as they can in order to treat their patients the best way possible but it takes time under these strange circumstances.,

This means they actually don’t know what happens after people are considered to be cured from the Corona virus. They are still learning...but during this learning period they still treat the recently declared “Corona-recovered” people the same way they would treat any other person recovering from a regular or known illness.

It creates a lot of confusion since this illness is actually unknown to us all and doesn’t act in the way that we know. The recovery from it is very slow and not as easy.

I hear that in some countries they start to speak about this, but since right now we are still dealing with an existing pandemic situation the doctors don’t know and haven’t yet studied any other way of dealing with post-recovery cases.


So, YOU, the recovered Coronavirus (COVID-19) patient, the one that got over this illness and now struggle to be healthy again, you are not alone, there are many others like you! They simply don’t talk about it, either because everyone expects them to stay and feel better or because they’re afraid someone would think they are still ill (after all they still demonstrate the same symptoms) and they may lose their jobs or people would think that they became mentally ill in the end, etc… Whatever reason they have, they shut their mouths, therefore, you feel like you’re the only "problematic" person in the room.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE...and you are right, there are post-recovery symptoms that come and go, YES you are terribly tired and surely you feel afraid because nobody told you that it is OK, this is the way this virus acts and reacts.

I can both hear it from other countries and from my own patients as well, slowly slowly things are getting discovered and being observed, moreover, as I said some COVID-19 recovered patients of mine still display some of their previous symptoms, so I know.

You need to take some vitamins, minerals, eat correctly, drink sufficiently, rest as much as you can whenever you can and when you feel a little better start slowly (but very slowly) to return to some type of physical workout.

Don’t expect it to happen quickly. It changes from person to person, some truly recover faster than others, but what you must know is that it takes time. When I say time, I mean even a few months.

If you can afford it, you better do this voyage with a professional, and well, since I’m an alternative therapist, I obviously prefer and believe in my way of therapy and treatment, but you are welcome to choose whichever way suits you best.

So be well and take care.