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Acupressure (Jin Shin)

The name Jin Shin Jyutsu is Jin = man, Shin = creator, Jyutsu = art, which together means: “The Art of the Creator (God) through the compassionate spirit”. Those words are based on our own natural healing process and the innate ability to harmonize ourselves. In ancient times people saw no distinction between body, mind and spirit. The methods they used to assist the body naturally promoted physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness as well.

While living in an age of information and media and in the instant culture, consuming specialized data, hoping that science and technology will solve all or most of our problems and grant us a better understanding of ourselves, we continuously forget what really matters- our well-being. Without it, we just exist, not live.

It is a Japanese way of keeping and bringing back harmony into life.

Jin Shin works on the same system as Acupuncture, same energy pressure points, Yin & Yang, but instead of using needles it uses the fingers to create the pressure.