Para o corpo curar a mente precisa de superar os obstáculos que encontrar


Transferring and channeling energy from the universe to the person that needs it. This energy encourages the process in which organisms’ health is restored. It helps the body recover from an illness or injury and returns its balance and health while creating relief for the body, mind and spirit.

Think of the brain and the electric pulses that creates energy which then transforms into motion in different parts of the body. That same brain creates these kinds of “dead zones” between all the electric pulses and even though we are unable to measure it, it still represents a kind of unexplainable energy. Therefore, we must consider the fact that our body creates and uses energy for its functioning as well as its healing. By channeling healing energy I can stimulate the body into its best health state and reinforce its well-being.

Healer by nature. I was born this way. Transferring energy in every touch. Feeling the suffering of the other and the cause for it. Hearing and feeling the person’s soul.

The energy works and goes through whether the patient senses warmth, cold or at times even nothing.

It was not easy to be a healer as a child and to handle all the strange feelings this ability came with.

For me healing is the way I think, the way I feel the illness and feel also what is the right way to heal it, but most of all it’s a way to touch the soul with my hands and my mind, either by channeling energy or using the energy of the right words to cure or improve illnesses.

In order to know how to better channel my energy and how to protect myself and my patients I went to study Healing & Channeling at the best school my country had to offer.

There, I gained information and slowly established my own way of dealing with and transferring the energy I was born with.