Para o corpo curar a mente precisa de superar os obstáculos que encontrar

Life coaching

I’ve studied both Psychology & Psychiatry for 2 years, chose not to continue, still taking with me this knowledge and my experience in life in order to help people find a better way of life. To me Life Coaching is a way of life. Due to the experience I gained from both life and my profession I found myself helping people change their way of living, thinking, acting with their family, friends, co-workers, companions and teaching them to find their path in life and follow it while releasing anything that stands in their way of achieving that. This includes bad experiences, traumas, hurtful sentences or words that they’ve been told, lack of confidence... and most of all the fear of failing and the fear of succeeding. I teach them to listen to their inner voice and to challenge their fears and follow their dreams while widening their boundaries. Sometimes, helping them change their profession into something they have always wanted but didn’t have the guts to try...

While running after success, money, power and position, we often forget to do what’s right for us, what makes us happy and content, the simple things in life that can change a sad moment into a happy one. We forget to stop for a second and enjoy the moment – treasuring it instead of keeping busy, running after the next best thing, losing what is really important to us and to the people we love the most. I do believe that one of my jobs is to remind my patients of those things, help them help themselves re-prioritize things and reach the balance in life – between work and personal life.

I now have 20 years of experience as a Life Coach.

* I would like to underline, though, that I’m not a licensed Psychologist or Psychiatrist, therefore I do not have a diploma in either of them, I do, however, have and use the knowledge I gained while studying both.